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What is ASP?
An application service provider (ASP) is a business that provides computer-based services to customers over a network.
The need for ASPs has evolved from the increasing costs of specialized software that have far exceeded the price range
of small to medium sized businesses.




- No Dedicated Hardware cost
- No Hardware maintenance cost
- No Network maintenance cost
- No Software cost
- No database maintenance cost

- No dedicated staff cost
- No troubleshooting cost
- Only a fixed cost per employee per month
- One off setup cost
People Station Packages
  Personal Information Manager  
  TIme & Attendance  
  Online Leave Management  
  Employee Self Service  
  Performance Appraisal Management  
  Competency Management  
  Employee Life Cycle  
Module Overview
  Organizational Structure   HR Admin Services    
Another core module to capture the structure of your company. In addition to the traditional hierarchy with definition of divisions, departments and other company specific units, the module lets you define a grade-wise hierarchy, as well as a reporting hierarchy, detailing direct and indirect reporting relations between specific employees and supervisors. The structure and hierarchy defined
Part of the system where the HR Manager or other appointed personnel perform all system administration tasks. These include the definition of designations, salary grades and a lot of other information that serves as the backbone for the rest of the system. Security issues are taken care of through this module as well, defining employee access to modules and/or menu options, or from specified locations. User authentication by Windows login information is supported.

Payroll   Report Navigator  
The module provides a complex payroll management solution including multi-currency transactions, loans, reimbursements and many other features. It is designed to integrate with any attendance capturing device, with multiple devices connected to a central system. You can use the solution to generate pay slips, view payroll related reports, handle increments, overtime etc. The system is customizable and can be adapted
Through this module, the system actually achieves its full potential. Meaningful reports are the key input for informed managerial decisions. They can come in numerical as well as graphical form. Apart from predefined reports from all purchased modules, you can use the tool to create custom reports, store them in appropriate folders and execute them as necessary.
  Request Tracking   Personal Information Manager  
The module provides features to define different request types and set up request schemes, detailing specific approval workflow. At the same time, it's capable of handling application and approval processes, and providing up-to-date information on request status.
Personal Information Manager captures a host of employee related information and presents it in an organised, easy-to-access view for the user. Some of the areas of employee information captured are personal information of the employee, census information, qualifications, memberships, job description, role profile information, previous work experiences and educational/professional qualifications. All documentation that is relevant to the employee can be attached to their record in the attachments section thus providing a methodical and organized approach to storing employee information.
  Time & Attendance   Online Leave Management  
A flexible system for managing shifts and rosters with the ability to monitor employees' attendance. Supports all phases of roster management from shift definition through employees assignment to scheduling. Able to capture information from any electronic attendance tracking device, which enables effective monitoring of employees’ attendance and overtime management across multiple locations, includes interface with payroll module.
A comprehensive leave management & administration module with extensive possibilities of defining leave types, holiday schedules, leave entitlements and leave schedules. It also includes functions such as leave application processing, checking leave balances, leave approval, leave history, leave groups or shift workers leave and workflow approval. Thanks to the web-enabled and self-service concepts, it significantly streamlines all leave-related procedures, eliminating paperwork and saving costs.
  Employee Self Service   Performance Appraisal Management  
A powerful tool providing managers and all employees with ability to view relevant information, such as personal information, leave, benefits, competences, training & development, performance related information, etc and to carry out respective application/approval or other procedures. In other words, the functionality of this module spans through the entire system, making information available anywhere, anytime. Of course, all information is subject to company defined security policy, where everyone can only view the information s/he is authorized to. Time and cost saving efforts from this solution are tremendous.
Performance Appraisal Management solution contains features to set up appraisal schemes for different groups of employees, define methods (such as 180 degree evaluation), assign appraisers, conduct appraisals and manage other performance-related tasks in various evaluation methods.
  Competency Management   Employee Life Cycle  
Competency management is a platform to develop, maintain and use a competency model, targeted at constantly aligning your employees’ competences with their respective job requirements. You are able to define your own set of key competences and designation profiles, and track how employees or groups meet these requirements, through a versatile gap analysis. It also provides your employees and managers with different methods of competence benchmarking and career planning. It further includes a development resource centre where you can define different resources to close the identified gaps, or simply to enhance continuous improvement and development.
Employee lifecycle facilitates the comprehensive management of changes in employees’ movement within the organization. This includes user friendly application and approval of transfers, promotions and etc., with direct links to update job specifications, benefits and reporting hierarchy.


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