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  1. Industry relevant Ads can be generated
  2. Pay per click can increase Brand or    Corporate awareness
  3. Operating in a Niche Market
  4. Measure against R.O.I
  5. Only pay if someone clicks on your ad:    Cost-effective
  6. Recieving qualified traffic
  7. Precise Targeting 24X7
  8. Increasing the CTR
  9. Advantage for small & medium size     enterprises
  10. Increasing the conversion rate of the    online presence
  11. PPC can be a great marketing tool      (analyze rapid environmental changes)
  12. Natural long term search positions
  13. Generate sales leads from online      exposure
  14. Site relevancy within the search    engines
  15. Flexibility
  16. Maximum Exposure
  17. High level of transparency
  18. Client Satisfaction
  19. Long term search ranking position
  20. Quick and robust
  21. visibility
  22. Cost effective compared to traditional    mediums (ex. Newspaper, billboards    and etc.)
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